3 Tips to Help Your Home Stand Out

1. Have your home inspected
This will help you isolate the repairs you need to address before you list your home. If you make the most important repairs, you’ll be ahead of the game and may be able to list your home for more than if you left the issues unresolved.

2. Declutter and start packing
Buyers want to see the details of the home, so be sure they have a great view. You’ll have to pack when you move anyway; starting the process now allows you to pack up anything you don’t use regularly, including valuable dishes, photos and knick-knacks.

3. Stage your home
When you’re selling your home,it’s difficult to see it through the eyes of a potential buyer. A professional stager will present your home in the best possible light, making sure the focus is on the features that sell, such as a great view or notable architecture.