What If a Child’s Information Has Been Stolen?

(February 27, 2018)

Thieves may be able to get a hold of your child’s personal information. Unfortunately, you may not become aware of a compromise until they try to find employment, rent an apartment or get a loan for school or a car.

1. Check with each credit bureau to see if they have a credit report. If your child is about to turn 16, you may want to do this, even if you don’t suspect their identity has been stole... read more.

What To Do If Your Information Has Been Stolen

(February 16, 2018)

Although credit card microchips have curtailed counterfeiting thieves have become focused on opening new accounts with stolen information. From January 2014 to December 2016, Canadians lost an estimated $290 million to fraud and scams.(3) Older Canadians tend to be the largest target for thieves; Canadians between the ages of 60 and 79 lost $28 million in scams during the same period of time.(3) 

If... read more.

Identity Theft and Data Breaches

(February 05, 2018)

Identity theft can happen to anyone. Since more people are going online to shop, bank, file taxes, etc., there’s an increased risk of savvy thieves stealing the personal information of millions of consumers. Even if you’re careful, a thief may be able to attain your information by hacking into the systems of larger businesses, as millions of people learned last year with the Equifax data breach, w... read more.

The Gist: February 2018

(February 03, 2018)

“The Gist” is adapted from the REALTORS® Association of Edmonton Monthly MLS® Report and Press Release. Every month I summarize and post “the gist” of the MLS® data for Edmonton and area real estate activity.

The average*** single family detached price in the service area of the Edmonton Multiple Listing Service® was up 2.89% to $428,750.
The average condominium price was down 3.62% to $227,707.
The... read more.