Improvements That May Not Add Value When You Sell

(July 23, 2017)

While many home improvements add value and entice buyers, the following updates may not pay off when you sell. However, if you want to make these updates, do it because you want to, not in hopes of selling your home for more money.*

1. Swimming pool
While it’s refreshing to take a dip in the pool during the summer, many homebuyers may see a pool as a liability and expense.

2. Making changes that don... read more.

4 Features That May Sell Your Home Faster

(July 19, 2017)

If you’re thinking of listing and you want to update your home, consider these improvements.(1)

1. Hardwood floors
Wood floors are the most popular request from potential buyers because of their clean, versatile and timeless appeal. There are many hardwood and engineered hardwood options to fit any budget.
Cost to install: Hardwood and engineered wood run $4 to $6 per square foot, plus the cost of in... read more.

How To Repair Your Credit

(July 13, 2017)

Do you feel your credit stands in the way of getting approved for financing for a home or a new car? Having bad credit can do more than prevent you from getting approved for a loan; you may also have to pay more for insurance and provide a security deposit on utilities if you move. Financial challenges can occur to anyone, any time. The good news is you can begin to improve your credit immediately... read more.

The Gist: June 2017

(July 06, 2017)

“The Gist” is adapted from the REALTORS® Association of Edmonton Monthly MLS® Report and Press Release. Every month I summarize and post “the gist” of the MLS® data for Edmonton and area real estate activity.

The average*** single family detached price in the service area of the Edmonton Multiple Listing Service® was up 2.91% to $453,735.
The average condominium price was up 3.69% to $260,084.
The av... read more.

Make Unpacking a Breeze

(June 29, 2017)

Although many people don’t find unpacking nearly as stressful as packing, it can be tedious. Make the process less of a chore by following these tips before you move.

1. Clean before you move in
While the previous owners may have cleaned when they left, give your new home a thorough cleaning to ensure it is move-in ready for you. Also, take the time to stock the bathrooms with toilet paper and put s... read more.