We're Making It Our Business

We are proud to sponsor the SAIF Society’s “Make It Our Business” program for the month of April.
Make it our business training teaches people how to recognize, refer, and report incidences of family and relationship violence.
As you might imagine we visit hundreds of houses a year. It’s easy for us to assume they are all warm, loving homes but the fact is far too many are just houses; they’re not actually homes because they are not safe — they’re not free from family violence.
We’re making it our business because we believe every house should be a home!
We hope you’ll be inspired to contact the SAIF Society, invite them into your work place, and make eliminating family and relationship violence your business too!

About the program

Make It Our Business is a national collaboration that develops resources to engage employers and other workplace stakeholders to prevent workplace domestic violence, to support employees at risk of or currently experiencing domestic violence, and to improve workplace health and safety.
The training outlines how employers, supervisors, managers, human resources professionals, security personnel, union representatives, and co-workers can recognize abusive relationships, respond to domestic violence, and refer victims and abusers to support services that offer help.
The Stop Abuse in Families (SAIF) Society, as part of their SAIF Education Program, is a partner in this national program. These workshops (which can be delivered in 1-hour and 3-hour formats) explore domestic violence as an issue that affects all community and workplace members. These workshops are intended to empower participants, giving them the knowledge and tools they need to support family members, friends, neighbours, and colleagues who may be experiencing of domestic, family, or relationship violence.
To learn more, please visit StopAbuse.ca