Create a Relaxation Retreat in Your Home

When you create a space that promotes relaxation and stress recovery, your home can be a refuge from the fast pace of life. Even if it is a small area in a larger room, it is important to have a place specifically created for you to unwind.

Focus on comfort
Choose furniture you love that evokes feelings of relaxation, including roomy sofas and chairs upholstered in luxurious materials. Paint the walls soothing colours and keep furniture within a complementary colour scheme. Purchase a soft area rug and place it where you can enjoy the added comfort beneath your feet. Keep your favourite throw blanket close by for added warmth and comfort.

Create ambiance with the right lighting
Bright light can impair our ability to relax. The right lighting helps put your mind at ease and allows you to rest and recharge. Natural light is a mood booster, especially during the winter months. Open your curtains during the day to let light in. Candles add a meditative vibe to the space. If you’re not comfortable with regular candles, flameless candles provide the same level of ambiance.

Add natural elements
Plants not only enhance the space, but help clean the air as well. Purchase low-maintenance plants, such as peace lilies, mosaic plants, and ZZ plants. Also, consider purchasing seasonal winter plants, such as poinsettias and orchid cacti to add colour and a pleasing scent to your space.

Create a relaxation nook if space is limited
A cozy nook is all you need to decompress. A nook gives family members alone time when the other areas are bustling.

Add touches of comfort to every room
In the bedroom: Purchase soft and comfortable bedding, including more pillows and blankets and high-thread-count sheets.
In the bathroom: Use high-quality towels, install a towel warmer, and add a plant or two.
In the kitchen: Make the kitchen a clutter-free zone by storing misplaced items in a bin and confining paperwork to a basket on the counter.

TIP: If you want to redesign your interior, Hutch is an app that allows you to see what your space would look like with new furniture and more. Upload a photo of the room in question and use their 3D tool to swap out furniture and décor. You can even shop from the app, making it a one-stop shop to complete your design projects. The app is free and available for iOS and Android.

As always, if you're thinking of making changes or wish to enhance any room in your home just give me a call. We work with some of the industry's best design and staging professionals.