The Unplug Zone

Although technology makes it easier to communicate and be informed, it may also make us feel disconnected from one another and drained. We’re addicted to checking our texts, email, and social media. Studies show we check our phones every six minutes.* Instead of making us happier, our gadgets may make us feel worse. Take a break from technology and create tech-free zones in your home that allow you to recharge your own batteries and connect with friends and loved ones.

The Benefits of Unplugging
Your brain has time to process
Setting aside technology gives your brain the opportunity to process the information it received throughout the day, so it can be sorted and stored.

You can enjoy the present
Take time to appreciate and notice life around you. This will allow you to take in the general rhythm of your home and neighbourhood.

You can interact with your loved ones
Enforcing tech-free time in the household creates opportunities to have a conversation, joke around, and connect. The family can focus their attention on one another, which is the greatest gift one can give.

You can find peace
Without distractions, you may be able to finally relax and unwind from a constant flow of input.

3 Tips for Unplugging
1. Let people know you won’t be responding to texts, emails, or social media during a certain time of day.
2. Schedule regular tech-free times with your family, during dinner, or other special events.
3. Go on a social media diet and sign out of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for a month.


*Source: Becoming Minimalist