Planning on Buying or Selling a Home in 2019?

Are you thinking of buying this year? Here are three things to do now:

1. Boost your credit score
This may help you secure a better interest rate, which will lower your payment and save you money each month.

2. Save more for a down payment
A bigger down payment equals a smaller mortgage and lower monthly payments.

3. Give us a call
We’ll help you determine the must-have features of your ideal home and connect you with a reputable lender for mortgage pre-approval.

Are you thinking of selling this year? Here are three things to do now:

1. Call us for a free comparative market assessment
We’ll show you what your home is worth and how we determine our assessment, as well as offer suggestions to improve your home’s value.

2. Declutter your storage and living spaces
It may be easier to sort through and donate items now, instead of waiting until it’s time to move.

3. Assess your home’s condition and make a list of potential repairs
This will help you prioritize the home repair tasks you need to complete before you list your home.