Travel Like a Pro This Summer

Summer has arrived, the weather’s warm and vacation season is in full swing...well, almost. Chances are you’ll be catching a flight this summer — whether you’re going domestic or international, use these tips for a more enjoyable and efficient flying experience.

Find cheap flights with these apps:
Skiplagged – Shows you hidden-city ticketing options to get you a flight for up to 50% less.
Hopper – Predicts upcoming price trends.
Has your flight fare lowered since you booked?
Contact the airline — some will give you the difference back in airline credit.

Traveling outside the country?
Apply for the NEXUS program ($50 for five years) or Global Entry ($100 for five years) to expedite the Customs process and skip long security lines in the U.S.

Give up your seat for a travel voucher.
If you’re not in a rush to get to your destination and you find yourself on an over-booked flight, let the ticketing counter know. They may offer you travel vouchers for giving up your seat.

Long day of travel ahead?
Head to the airport’s website to pre-book an airport lounge pass. Gain access to a quiet space with complimentary refreshments, magazines, WiFi, etc. There is an upfront fee, but it provides a relaxing start to your travels.

Email yourself a digital copy of your driver’s license and passport in case they are lost or stolen.